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States and Territories to organise renters and tenants

REIA president Adrian Kelly said he understood the complexity the Federal Government has had, dealing with eight jurisdictions in the realm of residential real estate.

“Nevertherless, I am disappointed that a uniform approach could not have been agreed to for all Australians,” said Mr Kelly “We now face the potential situation where Australians will be treated differently depending on where they reside.

“This will add to the confusion and most likely there will be the misinterpretation of messaging.” Mr Kelly said the rationale that commercial tenancies have a wide national impact, in this case economic, applies also to residential tenancies.

“For residential it is a social as well as economic impact – after all we all live in dwellings and not all of us either own or lease commercial property,” said Mr Kelly. “

REIA requests that further consideration be given to a national approach to residential real estate.”

Source: https://reia.asn.au/states-and-territories-to-organise-renters-and-tenants/